World bank internship opportunity!

Take advantage of this great opportunity today.

Take advantage of this offer if you are a fresh graduate and apply for World Bank internship. It is a great way to join the International development Industry. For those of you on my friends list or those who follow me, if you decide to apply, one of the requirements in the application packet is “Statement of Intent”. Feel free to inbox me your statement of intent for a free review before you submit. You do not need connection to be selected, all you need is a well tailored resume, a resume that shows your involvement in NGO volunteer activities, and a well written Statement of Intent. It is a paid internship and the World Bank will support you with visa issuance. It is a great opportunity young people all over the world take yearly. The application process is currently open. Seize the opportunity, it may change your entire future. Click on the link below. Good luck!

For more info visit

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