100 Selected African Businesses to receive free introduction to American Businesses by March 2020

We are selecting a total of 100 African Businesses from our sign in portal on the All African and American Chamber of Commerce for introduction to American business men and women beginning March 2020.

The selection will be done sector by sector. African farmers will be introduced to American farmers, commodity traders to commodity buyers, African film producers to American Producers, African UniversitIes to American Universities, hospitals to hospitals and small scale business men to potential investors. We will also introduce African Pastors to Key American congregations for possible collaborations. Only members with complete profiles, including their full names, business profile and those who have uploaded their pictures will be selected. please, be detailed as possible when describing your business on the profile page of our Website.

It is our expectations that at least 70% of all those introduced will end up in successful collaborations. Visit the website, sign up and build your profile. This service is still absolutely free.


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30th Floor, No. 5 Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, Ga, USA

Tel: 770-353-0713

Email: info@aaachamberofcommerce.com

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